New Meme Comes Alive


William Gagné

On January 20th, Bernie Sanders became a meme because of a photo taken at Biden inauguration.

     Bernie Sanders, a senator of the United States, was present  at the Biden inauguration. Sanders was sitting, arms and legs crossed. That day he was wearing brown, white and black wooden mittens. At this moment the photographer  Brendan Smialowski, from France-Presse, took the photo that traveled around the world.

     Everybody was surprised by the reaction of Bernie, because he is known to be a man with a big attitude. Contrary to what people think, Sanders was  surprisingly making fun of what people did with his picture. In a conference, he said that  he was dazzled by people’s creativity. For a proof he found a way to get a lot of money. Bernie Sanders created his own company to help charity.

     The senator started to sell shirts, socks and mittens and other merchandise  with his picture. In just half-an hour, the stocks were all gone. In five days, Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane Sanders collected 1.8 million dollars and  gave it to Vermont charity. Sanders said in an interview that he was thankful to all citizens that contributed to the fund raising.

     Jen Ellis, a primary school teacher from Vermont is now known to be the creator of the mittens shown on the meme. It is needless to say that. She started to get thousands of mails from people per day. At one point, she said  that she was thinking of quitting her job. For now, Jen Ellis has  to remain in education, but she will try to do the most mittens she can

     Bernie Sanders was born on September 8th 1941 in Brooklyn, New York city. He has been involved in politics since 1991 and is an independent senator for Vermont.  He lives with his wife Jane Sanders and they have a child named Levi Sanders.