Dancing in an Online Class During Covid

Jasmine, Jasmine

Young and talented dancers also had to turn to online class in order to pursue their passion.


     For the big majority of the dancers presidential classes abruptly  stopped when our region turned to a red zone


     This is true for Alexanne and Maya two teenagers who were doing hip hop dance and competition with their respective troupe. For Alexanne, a participant of Revolution, this meant major changes.


      Her online class usually starts with small talk about the situation. Then, they train and after they practice choregraphies or they are doing free styles together, they are doing this 2 hours, 3 times a week.’’We never really stopped learning’’ told Alexanne one of the hip hop dancers. Alexanne also doesn’t have to move a lot of things to have space for her online class. She also is fortunate enough to have a mirror that she can use in practice.


     For Maya, the online class is almost the same thing but it’s 1 time a week in a Facebook room and she needs to move her bed and her furniture on the wall to get enough space to dance .The dancers like Maya and Alexanne are still able to learn new techniques and choregraphies during this situation.


     One of the difficulties with the online classes is to keep concentrated and unfortunately  this problem affects the two teenage girls.’’My family is a big distraction’’ told Maya. 


     Alexannes motivation to continue online class is simple; it’s been her passion since she was three years old. While Maya motivation is hoping there’s gonna be competitions this summer.  Later she wants to be proud of her and her team. For the both girls the thing they miss the most in presential classes is their teammates and friends.


     In conclusion, the two teenage girls don’t think Covid is gonna have a big influence on their performance, but that they are just not going to grow at the same rhythm’’We are just gonna appreciate more presential classes when we are gonna come back after the Covid’’ told Maya one of the dancers.