Top 5 places to skate in Quebec


Loic Labrecque, Loic Labrecque

Skating is a popular sport during winter in Quebec, a lot of people go skating during these months. Quebec decided to build a lot of skating places and I will present you 5 good places to go skating alone or with people.

Parc du Grand Héron:

The first place is located in Saint-Catherine-de-la-Jacque-Cartier, there are several super beau,tiful ice trails and hockey arenas. In addition, there are places to rehe.

At the hands, that is to say fireplaces. It is both a family center but also a hockey center to have fun with your friends and play hockey.


Plains of Abraham Ice Ring:

The Plains of Abraham skate is more round shaped. The ice is coldy refrigerated by machines so it is always good to skate. You can enjoy a super beautiful view over the Plains, it has a little hut to warm up and we can listen to catchy music while skating. The Plains of Abraham is surely one of the best places in Quebec to skate.


Domaine de la forêt perdue:

 Le Domaine de la forêt perdue has several trails, at each path there are plenty of animals and you can feed them with mold .They may say hi to you with a smile or may just ignore you. Llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, emus, donkeys, deer, chickens, peacock are just a part of many other animals. The 15 km of trails are beautiful and shiny, it’s like a disney movie, it’s so beautiful!


Patinoire extérieure hivernale de Lac-Beauport:

This ice rink is very long, it is 2.4 km. It is located near Le Relais, so we can see Le Relais at the ice rink . A lot of people that love sports go  there. This ice rink is on a natural lake.

 Around this rink, there are other activities, snowshoeing, sliding and even fatbike to do. So it’s sure you won’t get bored. I’m sure you’ll love it.


Patinoire de Shannon:

Shannon is surely one of the best places to skate in Quebec, with his super beautiful ice rink, very well maintained, his two hockey rinks (the size of a national hockey arena) and it’s a quiet area. This rink fulfills all our needs, but because of the Covid-19, they no longer lend any winter object. Before, they rented skates, rackets, sledge mats, shovels, hockey sticks and more. They added a little garland which adds charm to the place, that is simply just amazing. As soon as we enter on the ice, we know that there is a team that strives to provide us with flat and smooth ice.