Hajime Isayama, Angel or Devil?


Mrs. Truth

Hajime Isayama, also called the devil, is a manga author who gave the world one of the best anime and manga that Weebs (anime fans) have ever seen.


 Attack on Titans also called (進撃の巨人) Shingeki no kyojin is a  shōnen(a genre of Japanese comics and animated films aimed primarily at a young male audience, typically characterized by action-filled plots.) manga who was written and draw by Hajime Isayama. This manga was later on animated by the Wit Studio for the first three seasons and later on by Mappa for the fourth season which is the last one.


Hajime Isayama used to not be very academic at school. All he knew was the fact that he was good at drawing. 


In the past, Isayama came to Tokyo at the age of 20 to become a manga artist. He got the idea of attack on titans from a computer game, he said in an interview. He thought that if a monster with human characteristics ate a human it would be interesting.  


For the environment of the story, he used his experience growing up on a farm. That would explain the large amount of characters growing up in the countryside. 


This manga writer’s way of thinking is rather special, for him, as a child, he thought that all living creatures must get nutrients from others leaving creatures in order to survive.


Like many authors, he visited many major publishing companies to get an attack on titans evaluated. They liked the storyline , but thought the quality of drawing was poor.


“I was about to give up since many people wanted to become a manga artist, so the competition was high,” he said in an interview.


The only one who showed interest was Kodansha, his editor. He’s the only one who said he liked it. At that time, Hajime’s self-esteem was so low, that he thought Kodansha was a weird guy.


When SNK(Attack on titans) became a big hit, the creator of this masterpiece couldn’t believe it, he didn’t expect his manga to be popular outside of Japan and to be later an animated series. For him, it was a dream come true.


Here are some comments from fans:

SNK was my first manga and my first anime. Before watching it, I thought that anime was only for introverted people and I also thought that it was childish. AOT represents the reality of war back in the days, what I like is that there is no stupid romance. I like the fact that female characters are powerful, unlike in Naruto where they are stupid and useless (They always try to fall in love with the one who tried to kill them, like Sakura who loves Sasuke after he tried to kill her). I regret thinking that way and I wish I had discovered SNK sooner.


SNK is an atypical anime due to its characters including the protagonist who is extremely well written but also its original script which shows us that in life there are not necessarily “bad guys” and that a simple point of view can cause conflict. That’s why I recommend it, it’s definitely the most complex and best-written anime of the decade.


AOT is one of the best manga that I’ve read in my whole life. I’ve never thought of such a strange and scary world. You must read it.


 Isayama is called the devil among the SNK fandom. One of the reasons why it is his surname is because he loves to kill the favourite characters of many fans. What’s weirder is the fact that he still has many fans even though he did that, most of the time fans boycott the series when their favourite characters are killed.

It hurts a lot when you root for a character, but that suddenly he just dies, but what’s awful is when the most hated characters are still alive, said a fan.


Many fans hope to see the next work of the author after the final season of SNK ends since it’s still ongoing.



                                                                                                 Mrs Truth