Pets Mental Health Saver

Pets Mental Health Saver

Charlie Perry

     As you probably know pets have a lot of benefits on the health and Mood-boosting of humans.


      Dogs and cats can really help to reduce stress , anxiety and depression . It can also help to ease loneliness , to encourage exercising and to improve cardiovascular health .


      The heroes in this situations are the assistance dogs . These dogs  are trained particularly to help people with mental health issues. These animals are used to offer assistance in case of post-traumatic shock , severe anxiety disorders , obsessive – compulsive disorder , agoraphobia and others .These dogs are educated to make the life of the owner more simple for them.


     The Research Center for human-animal interaction did a study on public housing residents. Giving an animal to these people encourages them to go for a walk with their pet .The studies showed that the residents that walk for more than 20 min for 5 days lost an average of 14 pounds in a year without changing their diet . The dogs serve as an icebreaker to socialise with people in the street and act as a source of motivation to exercise.


     It’s not just the humans who gain something in that . The animals are also benefiting from the need of the humans . During 2020 pandemic , in Quebec , the demands for pets raised substantially  which caused a historical adoption rate in refuges . 1289 cats , 134 dogs , 220 others pets have found a new home . 


     In 2020 , SPA did not have to resort to any euthanasia regarding animal overpopulation, wich is remarquable .