Two masks?

Maika Normand


After being obligated to wear a mask, some people like Dr Fauci the advisor of the White House and Linda Marr are talking about the fact that we should wear two. 


That’s a big question because people don’t have the same opinion. I’m gonna try to clear that out.


The White House advisor Dr Anthony Fauci answered the question that everybody is thinking about. Could wearing two face masks at once during covid provide more protection than if you just wear one ? The answer he gave was  “It likely does”.


We all know that the way the mask is protecting us is by protecting us from the respiratory droplets so it kinda makes sense. If you have one that works when you  add another one it will just work better. So maybe we should wear two masks to be protected correctly.


But there are questions running around. What about breathing? Some people are already complaining of not being able to breathe with only one mask. Imagine with two! So here is the answer of an expert in virus transmission at Virginia tech, Linsey Marr: ‘’ We run the risk of making it too hard to breathe, but there is plenty of breathing room before mask-wearing approaches the extreme.’’


Maybe that’s what’s gonna make the virus go away? Yes, there are new vaccines that are coming out, but scientists aren’t sure they work at one hundred percent. We can’t know if we don’t try it. The problem is that we already have people that are revolting about wearing one mask so I can’t imagine the reactions if we need to wear two or maybe even wear three masks.