A new symptom?


Maika Normand


Another symptom of covid detected is hair loss for women. Some studies are made in Los Angeles and I think it could help Quebec.


 A lot of patients of Dr. Ohara Aivaz, a dermatologist, had complained about hair loss since the pandemic started.


This doctor from Los Angeles, informed the internet about a new symptom of covid -19. You can lose yours because of the pandemic. The reason you can lose your hair is because of stress.


 We all know that a lot of people are stressed about the pandemic. Too much stress can cause hair loss to fall. It can take about three months for you to see a difference. We all lose a little bit of hair but if you see that you’re losing a lot more than before it might be the cause. “I’ve had patients coming in recently with stress-related hair loss, who tell me they were so worried about dying earlier this year or even that they had covid-19. But they don’t see the effects until three months later,’’ said Dr. Ohara Aivaz.


Scientists know that our body does a growth hair cycle and after the roots shrink and our hair falls out. The symptom of hair loss can affect people who are sick with covid -19 and those who aren’t.


According to experts a lot of patients that recovered from covid had this because of the psychological shock recovering from covid. Others can have this symptom because of job loss, financial strains, deaths, etc.’’ There’s much stress in many ways surrounding this pandemic, and we’re still seeing hair loss because a lot of the stress hasn’t gone away’’ said Dr. Shilpi Khetarpal.


 To conclude, if you see that you’re starting to lose hair and that it’s unusual for you, go see your doctor. It may only be a problem with your thyroid but just go see in the case. We can never be too safe