World under water



     It’s nothing new, the planet is suffering from global warming. Everyone knows it, but now’s the time to act. 


     If we don’t start to make big changes in our lifestyle, they are going to be catastrophic environmental consequences such as sea levels rising, extinction of many species of animals and plants, natural disasters becoming more common and devastating, and more.


     Scientists say that we still have some time to change our fate but if we continue on that track, with pollution, destroying forests and killing rare species, there will be no going back. The world already has the technologies to change things, but we need political will.


     Research proved that by the 24th century sea levels would rise by a hundred and twenty feet. Cities such as Berlin, London, Paris, New York, would be flooded by water.


     The answer to such a terrifying scenario is global warming, in Antarctica icebergs are already beginning to melt. Antartica has a large amount of frozen water looked up into ice, some ice sheets are approximately 2 miles thick. Antarctica contains over 90% of the earth’s ice, if it was to melt it would raise sea levels by 230 feets. 


    To stop the process or at least slow it down sufficiently, everyone should participate by making changes in their lives. We need to start reducing meat consumption, plastic use and energy consumption. All small changes matter. 


    Save our future generations, you’re kids and grandchildren, don’t let them live in an devastated world.