Pekin Game Collapse?

Pekin Game Collapse?

Etienne Boilard

In August 2020, the World Uyghur Congress has requested the CIO to relocate the 2022 Olympics due to verifiable evidence of genocide and crimes against the Uyghur and others Turkic Muslims in China.

The next olympics are supposed to be located in Pekin, China. But because of the current situation of the turkish-speaking people, a human rights group, has pushed the International Olympics Committee’s ethic commision to relocate the 2022 Olympics after a complaint.

‘‘ It’s vital ethical issues are handled with transparency, independence and fairness,’’ Micheal Polak, a London-based international human rights lawyer and head of Lawyers for Uyghurs Rights, said in a statement.

Around 12 federal lawmakers from all parties are debating about moving the Olympics out of China.

An open letter signed by 13 MPs, a half-dozen Quebec politicians and others has warned them that participating in the 2022 Olympics in Beijing would be providing the benefits of a regime that is making the worst possible crimes.  Around 12 federal lawmakers from all parties are debating about moving the Olympics out of China.

The gold medalist, Jean-Luc Brassard and the old former Liberal cabinet minister Irwin Colter signed the letter which follows a call from 180 human rights groups to boycott Beijing games.

The letter also mentions “We are not asking our athletes to give up their Olympic dream, because we know full well how much effort will have gone into pursuing it.”

China was accused of using forced birth control to slow the increasing population of Uyghurs in China and detention camp to indoctrinate the minority in the Chinese population. Beijing has denied every accusation calling their actions a ‘‘language-training program on a voluntary basis.’’

The letter also contains descriptions of events happening in the detention camps. “Mass rapes and numerous acts of torture are being committed in these camps.” Women are being forcibly sterilized, adults and children are being kidnapped, and surveillance camera systems are being combined with artificial intelligence software to track Uyghurs around the globe,” the letter says.