Zero Waste Lifestyle

Coralie Vachon

   A few years ago, the world’s population began to worry about pollution and a lot of people turned into a zero-waste lifestyle.


     Zero waste is a lifestyle that supports the principle of the 5 Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot). This is a way to conserve all the resources on our planet. It is more a goal, a process, a way of thinking than a restriction.


     There are many benefits of trying a pollution-free lifestyle. It reduces our climate impact and decreases pollution. Zero waste also preserves our resources like petroleum, forests, and the oceans.


     It may seem difficult to start a waste-free lifestyle. But, there are several things that we can do daily. The reusable shopping bags and reusable straws are good ideas for people who want to change their lifestyle. Using bar soaps and buying bulk food are good alternatives too. 


     Some countries and cities have already declared that they want to achieve a future without waste. For example, Vancouver announced that they want to reach this goal for 2040. “Our vision is for Vancouver to be a zero-waste community by 2040” is at the forefront on the website of the city. Brazil, Italy, Japan, and some states in the United States also have this ambition in mind.


     A lot of people think that is not enough to just bring a reusable bag or use reusable straws. Here are others more elaborate tricks. Preparing a zero-waste kit in which you put a reusable fork, spoon, knife, and straw and keep it in your car for when you eat fast food is really smart for this lifestyle. Also, you can buy bamboo toothbrushes and glass containers to not wasting petroleum. Finally, another thing you can do is making your own cleaning products and putting them in a reusable container. Obviously, there are many other tricks that are possible.