My Octopus Teacher A Must Watch On Netflix

Sara-Maude Martel

Cast: Craig Foster   

Director: Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed


The documentary “My Octopus Teacher” was directed by Pippa Ehrlich and James Reed. Those two directors have not created other movies, except for James Reed that made “Jago” another documentary of the life under water.


My Octopus Teacher tells the story of Craig Foster. This man needed a change in his life and found it by diving in a kelp forest that is full of life. He met an octopus and made friends with it, creating a link between them. Sadly, every story needs an end. 


In the spring break, I watched “My Octopus Teacher” on Netflix, it came out in 2020 and it revealed to be a documentary I would definitely rewatch. I really got attached to the little octopus and the way the story is explained made the documentary very entertainment.


In the documentary Craig explains how he went diving with an octopus everyday and how he got to learn about these creatures. At first, he  just by enjoying himself in the water of the Atlantic but he soon develop a friendship with his octopus. In time, he became worried for her and care for her well being. It quickly became an obsession. You should know that the life of an octopus is precarious and they have many predtors.


Just as the hour hit the clock I got really attached to the little animal. At the end, a thing really got me and I even started to cry. The documentary is very touching and presents well surviving under water. By watching the documentary I got to learn a lot on octopus and the sea.


During the documentary I saw a lot of marvelous images and it really got me thinking that there is a lot more in the sea than what we have discovered yet.


Sara-Maude Martel