Really Make A Nation Great.


Fatima Meite

Members from 18 countries regrouped on December 10th to discuss people’s rights.


It was on December 10th, 1948 after the atrocity of the second world war, that the United Nations General Assembly adopted a declaration.

The declaration promised people that they would have the freedoms they deserved: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from fear, and freedom from want.

 Freedom of speech means that humans can express what they think.‘Reasonable and can be justified in a free and democratic society are the limits that people cannot exceed. According to the Section 1 of the Chapter. 

Freedom of religion is the right to entertain religious beliefs. The right to declare religious beliefs openly without fear of reprisal. Finally, the right to manifest religious belief by worship, practice, teaching, and dissemination.  

Freedom from fear is a global reduction in armaments so that no nation will be able to commit an act of physical aggression against a neighbour anywhere in the world 

Freedom from want is for everyone to have the same resource. Poverty has always been a defining issue when it comes to building a better world. Most political systems lay claim to the idea that alone, they can create a better world.

 That day, the meeting was directed by Eleanor Roosevelt who was in chairs of the assembly, and John Humphrey, who was the new director of the new division within the Social Affairs Secretariat. He was a Canadian who had been a law professor at McGill University in Montreal. 

John Humphrey had a primary influence on multiple national constitutions since 1948. This Canadian was perceived as exerting pressure on governments when it came to rights abuses. We can thank him and other people who made sure that we, humans live in peace.

Even though these rights got created, there are still big issues today. Black lives matter is one of these subjects that Eve Ruel writes about in her articles. There are still lots of chances to end that social problem. We just need to raise our voices to create changes.