Students Frustration Grows in Schools


On March 31st, the prime minister, Francois Legault, decided to close schools again and to stop sports one week after reopening them which has frustrated lots of teen athletes. 


In the evening, a press briefing was held, which put The National-Capital, Chaudière-Appalaches, Bas Saint-Laurent & Outaouais


The government decided to close gyms, schools, restaurants, movie theaters, theaters, hairdressers, and more. The curfew is also back to 8h00. 


Their decision to close the schools and stop sports frustrated several young people from Quebec high schools since they had just got them back. Many people from La Camaradière were upset with Mr. Legault because they lost their motivation, again. 


‘‘I am pretty disappointed in the system because for me, sports are a big part of my life and it helps me to be concentrated in class. This year is coming to an end and I haven’t been able to practice or play since March 2020.’’ said the fourteen-year-old basketball player, Raphaëlle Fréchette. 


Covid-19 has been hard on everyone, but what the media failed to show to the public was everything the teens are going through. Everyone knows that it has been hard on elders and adults that lost their jobs but teens have it really hard right now. Not only has the school year been dramatically disturbed, but it’s also hard on their mental health, and that they can’t visit anyone or see any friends. 


Hopefully, Legault will listen to the media and cut them a little slack.