How to Fight Lack of Motivation?


maya gosselin

     It ain’t new, teenagers tend to lack motivation and since this pandemic has started, it’s even less motivation to get stuff done but there’s always solutions to get through these rough times, and here are some.


     Since March 2020, teenagers (and adults) experience higher stress levels and more pressure than usual because of covid and online school. It’s common, a lot of them have lost motivation and find it more difficult to get work done and prefer procrastinating until the last minute. Here are some tips to feel more motivated and to be more productive. 



     Try to note the deadlines in a calendar to know when you have to get your work done. You can also note when you want to work and finish your homework/work. You can also separate the work overtime. By getting things on your calendar done you will feel so accomplished.  


To-do list

     A great way to stay motivated is to note things you have to get done in your day and erase them when you do it. To-do lists can be harsh on your mental health so put easier stuff through the hardest one. Also, put break time on your to-do list. The more you achieve things in the list the more you will feel motivated and productive. 


Set goals

     To begin, set lower goals, the ones that are easier to achieve because if you start with high goals you will set higher expectations and it will be harder to achieve and you’ll feel disappointed. For example, you will feel more likely to accomplish a small goal instead of a huge goal.


Set a timer

     Set a timer when you work and when you take breaks. For example, you can work 25 minutes and have a 5 minutes break.


Listen to your favorite music

     While working a great tip to be more productive is to listen to music you enjoy so the stuff you are getting done seems more enjoyable. 


Put any distraction away 

     It seems crazy and really hard to do but put your phone or any distractions in another room so you aren’t tempted to grab it and use it. 


Take breaks

     This is so important! You need to take breaks or you won’t feel as motivated once you are doing the work. 


     Don’t worry, you are not alone in this and it’s been a tough year but by doing these tips and tricks you will at least maintain your motivation and keep some healthy habits.