Top 5 Activities to do During the Spring When you are Bored


Loic Labrecque

We all know that during the spring, nobody knows what to do, because it’s raining, it’s muddy, the snow is melting and also it could be cold and hot at the same time. So, this will probably help you to find ideas.



Rafting is certainly a very physical sport for some people to enjoy. You may not know it, but rafting can be practiced during the spring. The water is very cold but this could spice up your descent into the waves of the river. Several places are suggested in Quebec such as Riviere Rouge (Laurentides), Jacques-Cartier River (Quebec), Haute-Gatineau River (Outaouais), Matawin River (Mauricie) and plenty others.


Mountain bike:

The mountain bike is a simple idea and very easy to practice, all you need is a helmet and a good mountain bike. Several tracks are at your disposal for beginners, intermediates and experts. Le Sentier du moulin is one of the best places to go and it’s located near Quebec.



Fishing is not a very popular sport but one that everyone knows. Several fishes can be caught these times though. Trouts or carps, white fishes are some example of fishes that could be fish well. Roach and bleak are also released. You are required to have a fishing license, a fishing rod, and hooks. There is a couple of places where you could have a good time fishing: I will show you some good places to go fishing for free. The St-Laurent River, the top of the St Charles River and the Jacques-Cartier River in Shannon near the bridge.



Hiking is one of the most popular sports in our province. The city of Quebec is building more and more tracks all over the city. With the Covid-19, this sport became even more popular. If I was to tell you all the walking trails, it will probably not end. So, I will quote you the most popular places. Le parc national de la Jacques-Cartier is surely the best place in Quebec. With its beginner, intermediate and expert slopes, his incredible views of the river and the mountains, this place is worth your while.


Jogging is starting to take an important place in sport world, more and more people are seen running in Quebec’ streets every day. This sport is so easy to practice, all you have to do is dress comfortably and put on a good pair of shoes, and here you are, ready to go for a good run. You can take a run in many places like in a street, in the forest, in the mountain and more.