Women’s Trends From 2000 to 2020


Here is a quick overview of the trends that have marked the last 20 years, we go from crop tops to assess in the hair.

You should know that usually trends come back every 20 to 25 years. Its cycles. So the clothes in fashion today were in  from around 1995 to 2000.

The crop tops that we have seen a lot in recent years are far from new: in 2003, it was the big fashion. This part of the body was definitely highlighted, not only with crop tops of all kinds, but with pants or low skirts, often with bizarre details at the waist: asymmetry, tie worn like a belt, leather cords, chains, zippers in strange places, etc.

The Juicy Couture jogging sets. Everyone wanted one and it really was the start of the era where it became possible to wear sportswear in everyday life.

One hair accesory, in particular, was seen everywhere in 2008: the headband worn across the forehead. It could be in metal like a jewel, in crochet, in elastic fabric, decorated with flowers… But it definitely gave a little hippie look.

The boots above the knee are really significant in this-year, although it is not everyone who dared this look. They could be found in high heels, for a sexy touch completely over the top, or in flat heels for everyday life.

Another accessory that highlights the neck: in 2013 we saw the trend of the large scarf around the neck. This style has still not passed by the way: it is often what we want to turn to as soon as autumn returns.

The jackets sleeveless fur. True or false, by the way. If this jacket was also in a leopard pattern, it was the best of the best in these years