An Indoor Multidisciplinaire Bike Center in Quebec?


Louis Tremblay

Three young contractors, Jamy Gabourie, Yan Desmeules and Valérie Hallé are going to build an inddor bike center in La-Haute-Saint-Charles. 

     This project is going to cost about 12 million dollars. This idea came to them in 2017. The building is going to be 135 000 square feet on 2 floors. 


     The name of the center will be BPT Quebec. BPT means Bike Park and Trail. If everything is going well it is going to be finished in 2023. It will be open all year long, therefore, allowing customers to practice biking in the winter.


     “There will be a station to practice the drops, there will also be a jump line of about 600 feet. The park will also include a slope of about 60 feet. There will be a velodrome and a BMX track that could be modified at all times,” said one of the three contractors.


  “This is so cool, there are not that many places where we can practice our jumping skills,” says Edouard Royer.


   They received a lot of constructive comments from people that are excited to practice their sport. The comments really helped them to modify something on the plans. For the moment, there is nothing on the ground so most of the project remains. 


     The mountain biking sport is more and more popular than ever and with the new technology there is electric bike and other stuff like that. The covid also introduced a lot of people to this sport.