Women Working Rights Evolution 


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Charlie Perry

     Women a fight with no end 


     Since the beginning women are treated differently than men and where are the evolution of the working right of women during history .  


     In 1990 , teaching was the only job that women were being given with a pension in Canada . One year later , women were obligated to quit there job after they get married . 


     1911 CTC ( congrès de travail du Canada ) agree on that women should be pay the same as men as they do the same tasks . 


     1912 the first woman is hired to the post of teacher in the university of Canada . 


     1916 in Alberta , Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the first state to give the provincial right to vote . British Columbia and Ontario in 1917 . New Scotland in 1918 followed by New Brunswick in 1919 . Prince Edward Island in 1922 , New Foundland in 1925 and Québec in 1940 


     1916 Emily Murphy is the first judge in Canada 


     1941 Quebec gives rights to practice laws . 


     1959 all provinces adopt the legislation of equal pay equal work except for Quebec and  New Foundland .


    In the 1970 the women occup ⅔ of the Social assistance recipient . Every dollar the men were paid women were paid 57 cents 


     1971 the Manitoba stop to dismiss women after they get married 


     1975  women were touching 60 cents for every dollar a men was paid 


     1990 manager men wins an average of 48 137 $ while managers women wins 27 707 $. Men teacher win an average of 38 663 $ against 24 767 $ for women . Men sailors wins an average of  27 825 $ and for women 13 405 $


    2009 for the first time there’s more women working than men 


     These facts are telling us a lot about how much women have always been treated differently than men . A lot of progress has been made but there’s still a lot to do . The problem is all around the world not just here . These are the things we should be working on to make evaluate even more the right of Women . Teachers , nurses , nounou and even secretary are working places where peoples are under pay for what there doing whether it is men or woman who are working .