The Amount of People With Mental Health Issues is Growing Which is Caused by the Lack of Socialisation due to Covid-19.

Charlie Perry



     51,576 young people mention in a quick British review that social isolation and loneliness increase the risk of depression and anxiety at the time of confinement, but also in the long term.


     During the first month of lock down, in Toronto, studies show that the number of people who experience high levels of anxiety has quadruple during only the first month. 


     Mental health research Canada asked 1,803 people about their mental health and observed that people were feeling anxiety and depression were steadily rising.


     Before the lock down 19.5 % Canadians were having high to extreme levels of anxiety. Five weeks after being locked down this number was raised by 20%.


     So, we can affirm that the lack of socialization upgrades the number and the weird feelings of people on their mental health going worst and worst is continually going up. 


     I ask 38 students to answer three littles questions. My first question was ‘’ Do you have a lack of motivation more intense since the quarantine? ‘’ The answers were close with 24 people on 39 were feeling that the quarantine affect a lot their motivation compared to 15 people on 39 who felt no changes.



     my second question was ‘’ Do you have problems socializing? ‘’ The answers were not really close . A person said to me that now she is a little bit more shy to talk to new people because of the lack of real contact. Another person said to me that she starts to talk more to people in real life after talking to them online or even to strangers . But I think that what comes more often the mores is that people are or not used to  talk to other people out of their families now and it’s affecting theirs abilities to socialized. A lot of people said that people were getting on their nerves more usually than normally . Here’s the numbers 11 on 39 said that it was it’s was affecting them compared to 27 on 39 that are seeing no changes.


      ‘’What do you find more difficult since the quarantine? ‘’ was the last question. Theirs was a lot of answers for this one here’s some of them : Lack of real contacts with people , being positive , being organized , being concentered , too much precaution at school. Here’s the one that comes more than five times : The fact that theirs is no sport , that we can’t see friends outside of school , we can’t go out. Here’s the one that was practically unanime : Too much homework , school at home and just school. one person said ‘’ Because you’re at home you can do more ‘’  I mean do teacher think that since we are at home we have double the double of the time? 



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