Sala-Aysha Fall

Last Wednesday,  Colombia bled as it has never before.

The government proposed to raise the tax percentage to 20 % to the medium class and to the poor that can barely afford essential stuff. Of course, that led to a reaction from the public to go peacefully protest it out.

The government then brought the army and the police in. Later on, they cut all access to food, the internet & other necessities which left millions starving.

The police and army have killed, raped, kidnapped kids, teens, and even some adults. Numerous videos have emerged on social media showing police using excessive force during the protests and even shooting at some demonstrator’s point-blank.

The media was not aware of this, not until it was trending on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. Fortunately, multiple influencers used their platforms and talked about it.


Amid the protests, Duque withdrew the tax plan on Sunday. He has said his government will draw up another proposal the results of consultations with lawmakers, civil society, and businesses.

People on motorcycles celebrated at Bolivar square in Bogota after the proposal was withdrawn.

Rest in peace to all those who have lost their lives