Lizzo keeping it real


Sala Aysha Fall

Lizzo is usually keeping it real. The 33-year-old musician took to TikTok over the weekend in tears, saying, “You know that a part of sadness where you are feeling sort of a burden on everyone and annoying and no one cares about you? Can we get obviate that part? It’s like, yo, I’m already sad. Could it add insult to injury that I even have nobody to speak to about it?”

The GRAMMY winner continued being candid about her psychological state, adding, “I don’t need to feel this manner anymore. I would like to desire I do have someone to speak to, people do care about me. I even have love. I’m not alone. that is what I would like to feel, but I do not desire that.”

Several hours later, Lizzo posted an update for her fans, sharing that she was “feeling better.” “I had a very rough night and a really emotional morning just brooding about my relationships and life. you recognize how it’s. It gets dark,” she explained. “I’m definitely glad I reached call at anyway I could and TikTok was one among those ways. To feel received and seen and heard really, really helped me. I’m not crying anymore.”

Your mental health matters, take care of it.