A new way to go Swimming


Loic Labrecque

In the past two years, there were a lot of people who bought pools for the summer, it was one of the only way to have fun at home. This year, most companies will be able to start delivering the pools as early as May. But with the pandemic, there were several delays to install swimming pools, certain people were lucky enough to have their pools installed during the spring likely bought them last fall. For the others, they will have to be patient…


An app called “swimply” has exploded in 2020. It’s like an airbnb for pools. Two years ago, swimply had participated in a program that gave money to small companies who have good ideas, the program had not taken them, but last summer this app exploded in popularity. Rates for renting a pool can be 15$ up to 300$ per hour, but the average is about 45$ per hour. Several people who had a swimming pool in the past summer made a lot of pocket money. Some people even had a swimming pool installed and then rented it. These people earnrf around 200$ to 5,000$ per month, enough money to pay for an activity out or even take a trip.


To rent a pool you have to choose a date, a time and confirm how many people will come (children and/or adults) and press enter and you are ready to go swimming. A study even proves that COVID-19 cannot be spread in a swimming pool, one more reason to rent a swimming pool and go swimming alone or with family.