Be Aware of Those Anonymous People

Charlie Perry

Anonymous people who use the internet to get what they want or just to make hatred comments are taking more place on the web. Also known as trolls, these people are making the internet a place where hatred takes more place than positivity. For example, 5 years ago, people were making fun of dead people on facebook but now they’re making racial or sexual attacks on women. Also , a journalist had to close his twitter account because of how much trolls were making anti-semitic talk.


Recently they have been crossing way too much the line of the acceptable.   


Twitter had to ban more than 360’000 accounts in one year because of troll activity like terorisme or extremist messages that could have been sent.   


Those anonymous people have a site call 8chan’’ where the users banned from other network so they can share views such as child pornography. A false freedom of expression which is a threat to everyone …