Another source of stress for college students.

Maika Normand

The situation that we are in right has a lot of consequences. With Covid-19 students have a lot more stress since they need to do their classes online. They are asking themself a lot of questions. What will happen for grades and their future. A lot of students are very close from dropping out because they don’t have motivation anymore. Nobody would really love to be in front of a computer all day to do your school work.


Now, they have another problem. Some teachers want to go on a strike and they wouldn’t have school. What will happen?


Their exam is arriving soon and they don’t even know what will happen. The students don’t know what class they are going into. Everything is disorganized and it causes a lot of stress. Teachers will be gone for three days. Those three days would have been needed because since covid started all students missed a lot of school days.’’ We are a little bit disorganized, we don’t know which class is when’’ said one of these students.


Some kids are excited to finish this very special session. They will have a lot less stress. These poor kids have gone through a lot lately and they are really good and adapting to everything but that. Did we really need to put them through other things like that? they need a break.