A Young Businessman Comes Back From the United-States With 249 Guns


Edwin Cabarcas

                   A Young Businessman Comes Back From the United-States With 249 Guns


The young man is suspected of having wanted to illegally enter firearms into Canada for trafficking.


William Raville, a 24 years old man with no previous history has been arrested at his property, near the Canadian-American border with 249 guns made in plastic, all divided into five hockey bags in his car.


The firearms, Polymer 80 type Glocks were all in spare parts, with all the necessary pieces to use them. Each gun can be sold for between $200 and $1500 in the dark web. The arsenal that the suspect brought from America is estimated to be worth $370, 000. 


The arrest of the young man from Sherbrooke has taken by surprise all his friends, family and acquaintances who described him as a very hardworking and serious guy.  

said a close friend. 


Diplomate in finance and accounting, the young man  was promised a great future in the field of real estate. He already was co-owner of a few buildings in Montreal and worked as Financial Advisor. 


” I do not understand. Just two weeks ago, William told me about a new real estate project. He’s not a criminal at all. He was in the process of finishing his studies to become a CFA [Chartered Financial Analyst]. It’s completely disrupted. ”said a close friend.


Rainville is facing many charges like importation of restricted firearms, possession of prohibited firearms, possession of prohibited devices and possession of firearms for the purpose of trafficking.