Normal Back To School In September Predicted By Legault

If a satisfying amount of the population is vaccinated in September, school might be normal as it used to be for students in primary and secondary school in Quebec.


Life asn’t been any normal since the march break of 2020 due to Covid-19 and things are finally looking for the better as a lot of people are getting vaccinated as fast as they can, so that they can bring the normal life back.

The pandemic has affected a lot of students since the beginning of it and they are getting really tired of it. Online school has made a rough time to each students because being concentrated in front of a computer during the whole day when the sun is out is quite difficult.


The percentage of failing students raised from 2% even though there are less things teach because of time loss. Effectively, because the year planning kept changing as the situation was getting better or worse, so teachers needed to cut some in the subject so that they could make it through the year.


We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, because as the prime minister François Legault announced, if 75% of the whole population is fully vaccinated, life might start to be normal again. In schools there may not be masks neither ” Bulle classe” , which is a great announcment for the students and for the population in general, because online school as been giving a really hard time for both parents and students. Home working was quite a challenge for the parents who had their child home-schooling at the same time.