Your clothes or their lives


You surely like to own brand new clothes from those stores:H&M, Shein, Guess, Gucci, Levi’s and etc, but do you actually know the story behind those clothes? 


Rich people use bengalis as their pet and they don’t consider them for this simple reason: they’re poor. The industry owners just want a cheap price and good profit.  


During an interview, a woman asked Helena Helmersson, the actual director of H&M, what she thought was an appropriate salary for her workers. She said that she could not tell. It would be the workers that would need to determine that. 

The workers and employees are never asked or never allowed to make salary demands in these countries. In other words, she doesn’t care if there are people dying for fast fashion or if their conditions are unlivable. 


Speaking of bad conditions, a building collapsed killing and hurting more than 400 hundred people in Bangladesh because of their working conditions and cheap clothing in fast fashion. 


They first refused to go to work since the building had a lot of cracks and it was not a sure place anymore. 


However, they continued to work because they are stuck in this circle. They have no choice. Either they work and get paid 2$ per day, either they don’t work and they die. 


“Basically, the stores are competing. Every day they are hampering me and I am hampering my workers.


If a particular store sells their product for 5$, I need to sell it for 4$. Then another store is coming and saying “Hey, they are selling it for 4$ ? The target price is 3. If you can make it to 3 you’re getting business otherwise you’re not getting” Because we want that business so badly, we don’t have other options, okay. Every time we are trying to survive actually.” says Arif Jebtik, a garment factory owner.


The society needs to know what is happening in this country. The solution is to increase the prices of their goods or to close some fast fashion’s shops. 

People need to stop thinking about prices and money more than people’s lives.