Toughts about online school

Toughts about online school




What is the effect of online school on the students by asking them a simple question: online school is better, same or worst than normal school? 


 In online school, the concentration is difficult to get because of all the distractions that are around. Some students prefer to go on their social media instead of listening to the class. Some others  play video games. Or some students just like to do something else.“I don’t have any concentration, it’s boring. I am just going on my cell phone all the class and when I come to school, I don’t understand.” said an student 


“I think there’s pros and cons. Like pros, you are always at home” said another. A few students love the fact they are staying at home. They like to wake up later, so they don’t have to go out, take the bus or walk.  


The cons are that it is not interesting to talk to the teacher behind a camera and a computer screen. It is more fun to interact with the teacher:“I understand better when it is a teacher in front of me and not a computer.” said another student, confirming our thoughts about the cons.


“It is very difficult to do tasks when students are at home,” said a student. Without having a teacher in the same room as them, some students don’t have any help and for some reasons won’t want to ask the teacher for help.


“I think it is boring because we can’t see friends,” said a student. 

For many students, the good side of going to school is to see their friends. Otherwise, they don’t have the motivation to learn.


Some teachers find that online learning is better for the students because some students are more comfortable expressing themselves and presenting their ideas, according to Radio-Canada.