No More Masks in Class For The Rest of The Year

Since last week, it has been quite hot outside, and since schools can’t turn on the air conditionning, students have a hard time breathing with masks.


Since October, students have had their masks on full time in the school and classrooms. As every one probably noticed, masks give quite a hard time for breathing. Air is not entering the lungs since there is a little bit less air that enter because of masks.


Since Saturday the 5th of June, it has been really hot outside, which gives a really hard time breathing, because there can’t be any type of air conditioning or fan. Classrooms are being very hot and Mr, Legault decided that students could remove their masks when they are sitting at their desks, so that they can breath better.


Students are having a releif because it’s been a really long time since they could remove their masks once in the classroom. ” I think it’s a bad idea because half of the students still aren’t vaccinated and there is still a high risk of getting Covid-19” says Laurie Lavoie, a student from La Camaradière. People are quite divided for it, but most of the population is happy with it.