Tokyo Olympics cancelled?


Louis Tremblay

     Japanese doctors call cancelation.


     The Olympics was supposed to be in 2020 but because of covid-19 a lot of people are afraid of what could happen if tourists from other countries accelerate the spread of the virus with more than 10’000 athletes and all their team which means the coach and others.


     Medical experts don’t agree that the Olympics should happen. Thomas Bach (the olympics president) says “the main focus is now on delivering the sporting spectacle as safely as possible”.


     The hospitals are full and the medical practitioners association says “have their hands full and have almost no spare capacity”.


     A little bit more than 3,5% are vaccinated in Japan and there are 126 ‘000’ 000 citizens which is a lot of people that need to be vaccinated.


     The second ranked women tennis player who represents Japan got asked about the Olympics “Of course I would say I want the Olympics to happen, because I’m an athlete and that’s sort of what I’ve been waiting for my entire life,” she said.


     “But I think that there’s so much important stuff going on, and especially the past year,” Osaka added. 


     “I think a lot of unexpected things have happened and if it’s putting people at risk, and if it’s making people very uncomfortable, then it definitely should be a discussion, which I think it is as of right now.”


     “At the end of the day I’m just an athlete and there’s a whole pandemic going on,” Osaka said.