Solar Flares Effects on Earth



This image provided by NASA shows the sun releasing a M1.7 class flare associated with a prominence eruption on April, 16, 2012. This image was taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory. This visually spectacular explosion occurred on the sun’s Northeastern limb (left) and was not Earth directed. (AP Photo/NASA/SDO/AIA)

Arianne Tremblay

Since September 2021, the solar flares heading towards Earth are getting worse and are affecting the planet.


NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has confirmed a busy activity between October 25-28 and solar flares in the direction of the Earth. It will affect the electrical system and also the internet/wifi will be interrupted for a certain amount of time. Georg Achleitner, responsable. protection of APG’s electrical networks says, in an report “A solar wind can lead to power cuts or in the worst cases lead to generalized power cuts.” 



It won’t affect us, humans, and other living beings directly. The only way it could wreak havoc would be because electricity, needed in the hospitals and to keep food cold, would shut down. Also , the  A.C. (Air Conditioning) and the heating would shut off. 


The flares already made some effects. In New York, Equator, and a lot of other places where it normally doesn’t happen, Northern Lights have been seen. The Northern Lights are created by the magnetic field and it gets affected by the solar storms. “The solar storms are at the origin of the polar lights,” translated from the french documentary


There have been a lot of solar storms in the past, some had an impact and some didn’t. The last storm that had an effect that was quite big was in 1989. The electricity shut down for nine hours until Hydro-Québec was able to bring it back up.