Youtube Hides the “Dislike” Button Under Videos


Eliot Audy-Dubois

    Wednesday, Youtube announced that dislike numbers under videos will now be disabled due to cyberbullying and targeted attacks to their users.


   Youtube consumers will still be able to put dislikes under videos but the number will not appear on the platform. It says it wants to “protect creators from bullying by demoralizing users to click this button for one purpose; increase the number of dislikes.”


    However, youtubers will be able to see their number of thumbs down in their private space on Youtube Studio where they can see their statistics.


    One thing to remember, the viewers will always be able to dislike a video in order to modify their youtube recommendation and give their opinions to the youtuber without being public.


    “We want an inclusive and respectful environment in which creators can be successful and can express themselves without any feelings of insecurity,” said Youtube in a press release. 


    At the beginning of the year, they made a test which involved some little content creators. They disabled their number of “Dislikes” to see if people would less click on the button.


    The results were great, a lot less people clicked on the thumbs down button.


    Will Youtube become like Instagram and Facebook where in these platforms you already have the possibility to hide your likes and dislikes under your’e posts?


    The big social networking sites like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, fight daily against the regulators and the associations which repeat again and again that they do not make enough efforts to fight against harassment. Some even say it is harmful and can even lead to  physical health issues.