Harry Styles the actor

Daphné Gagné

We’ll be alright… a new Harry Styles movie is coming 

My policeman is a romantic drama film. The movie is adapted from Bethan Robert’s book. The queer love story takes place in the 1950s where there’s a love triangle between a man, a woman and a policeman. The woman named Marion falls in love with Tom, a policeman. After meeting Patrick in a museum, Tom falls in love with him. However, it’s safer for the policeman to marry Marion because of homophobia. They finished filming in April 2021. The release date hasn’t been announced yet but there’s a possibility that My policeman will be in theatres before the end of the year. 

My policeman is directed by Michael Grandage. They announced in September 2020 that Lily James was supposed to be playing Marion Taylor but she decided to quit in February 2021 so Emma Corrin replaced her. David Dawson, Linus Roache and Rupert Everett joined the cast of the movie in March 2021. After that, Kadiff Kirwan joined the cast in June 2021. In my policeman, we’ll see David Dawson plays Patrick Hazlewood, Emma Corrin as Marion Taylor and Harry Styles stars as Tom Burgess. 

During the filming of this movie, the fans were so excited to see Harry Styles in a new film that they were constantly coming on set to see him. Even the ones that didn’t live near where they were filming, in Italy, were taking the plane, the train, the bus, etc… just to see the singer for five minutes. At the beginning, Harry thought it was nice and sweet but then they started screaming and bothering him so he told them it was very disrespectful but stayed professional as always. 

Harry Styles has done a lot of things in his life. He was one of the five members of One Direction but they took a break in 2015. Since then, he is now a very successful solo singer. He has two albums that are extremely popular in the whole world. Harry started an acting career as well. He played one of the soldiers in Dunkirk and the lead role in a new movie, that is coming in 2022, called Don’t Worry Darling.