Less Gifts for Christmas?


Joannie Caron

Retailers are not fully stocked for Christmas due to delivery delays. 


 During the lockdown, a lot of factories shut down and it’s now having a big impact on the availability of some products. 


Many experts are saying to shop our Christmas gifts early this year. They are also recommending not to wait for Black Friday because there won’t be a lot of supplies left in stock. “If you see something right now, go ahead and get it’’, said Ja’Net Adams in an article of News2. 

A lot of companies even started to put discounts so the shoppers could get what they want for Christmas. Amazon even started to put discounts in the month of October. A lot of retailers are saying ‘’ October is the new December’’.

Customers should expect stressful shopping for this year. But why not avoid this situation by reducing the number of gifts we buy?  This is something we really should think about and discuss. What is really Christmas? Is it really about a shopping frenzy or offering our love to the people who are dear to us?