Jocker Train Attack

NBC News


Anya Amanvi, Photograph

    A 24-year-old man, disguised as a joker, stabbed and started a fire on the busiest train in the world on Halloween.

   Halloween was supposed to be a happy event, but this year, it was a nightmare in Japan.

   In total, 17 people were hospitalized and an old man in his 70’s is in a major situation because he was stabbed in the chest.

   The aggression took place in the Keito express line to Shinjuku at 8 p.m. The stabber began by hurting everyone he saw and after started a fire with an ignitable bomb.

” I thought it was a Halloween stunt, then I saw a man walking this way slowly waving a long knife,” say a witness on the Yomiuri newspaper.

   Everyone tried to escape by the window. It was a traumatized experience for everyone on the train.

” Train door was closed, they had no idea what’s happening and we jumped from the windows,” says Shunsuke Kimura, a witness who filmed a video about the aggression.

    The attacker was wearing a joker costume because he loved him. The Joker is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, he has no superpower like other characters but he’s intelligent and manipulative.

    The aggressor affirmed that the joker looked up like him, and also that things were not going well with work and friends.

    He was really calm when he was arrested by the police, he didn’t try to escape.

    The man also added something really suspicious” Trains are essential to society life and it’s really important to be able to feel safe as you ride them” like he was trying to send a message.

    In japan a lot of that happened, like in the Olympic game and also 2 in different train stations.

    The same happened last year in Quebec on Halloween in Vieux Quebec. The killer was disguised as knight in armor and stabbed people with a samurai sword. In total there were 2 dead and 3 injured, this year the family of his victims gathered at Vieux Quebec for a memorial to the late people.