Wistleblower Instagram, Facebook


Laura Sévigny

According to an executive from Facebook, the social media giant does not care about the negative impact their company has on teens. All they care about is profit. 

A lot of things are happening on social media like Facebook and Instagram but, they do not look like to care about it. Some pages on these platforms are shared and aren’t always right for users. Instagram and Facebook are some of the most download applications in the world. They make a lot of profit, but is it really for good reasons? Like in every social media there are advantages and disadvantages. 

 When people click on something it gives money to the owner of the company and that’s how they make money. Sometimes it can be nice to look at photographies that your Instagram or Facebook friends took, but you’re not the only one looking. 

 Many users, especially girls from age 12 to 25 look at celebrities, models or just other girls’ pictures and start to tell themselves that they are too big, too skinny, too round, too tall, too short, or else and it makes them insecure. 

Having the perfect body, perfect smile, perfect skin is today what the society call pretty.  

 The employees of these two platforms do not care about that big problem. That huge problem can make people fall into depression or anxiety because they do not have the body the society expects them to have to be beautiful. For some people, it can even go to surgery because they cannot have their dream body as they see on Instagram or Facebook. 

‘Instagram is responsible worsen body image problems for one in three teenage girls. In addition, the social network is also accused of worsening the rates of depression and anxiety,’ said Auriane Polge from tom’s guide. 

‘Studies show that 58% of college-girls have a goal weight they wish to achieve,’ Amherst Wire said. 

Girls think that models do not use applications with their pictures, and they think they are exactly like that in the real life. Models, celebrities are like other humans, they don’t have the perfect skin, they don’t have the perfect body, perfect smile, they take an application to make it real in a photo but in real life, they are like other people.