From Working Place to Housing


Following the covid-19 pandemic, many companies decide to transform their empty office buildings into housing projects.


    The situation during the pandemic was very difficult for everyone around the globe. Companies that were the most affected during the pandemic, were forced to close their businesses.

      Other companies to continue making a profit decided to start a new flexible working arrangement that consists of sending their employees to work from home. That is called remote working.

       This working arrangement was a very good way to adapt to the covid-19 conditions like distancing. 

     Many workers were pleased with remote working, so they decided to continue the process. But it also had its problematic consequence which is the big empty offices in buildings due to the absence of the personnel.

     Not to waste that space company developed an idea that revolutionized the real estate market. The idea was to convert the unused spaces in those companies and transform them into housings.

         More there are leased rented offices in office buildings which will be turned into housing, the more the market value of the specific office building will increase. 

       To transform the office building into housing there will be much construction to change some of the structural bone of the office to adapt to the housing models. For example, some parts of the roof and floor might be cut to create space for an interior, mini-courtyard and more to bring more light into the habitable rooms.

          On the other hand, not everyone likes the idea of converting offices to housing spaces. Because to convert these offices the need of money is one of the big problems that oppose this project.

       “It’s clear that New York City is going to face changes in how—and where—people live and work. However, any program to convert empty office spaces and hotels to housing must be considered from both sides,” says office governor Andrew M. Cuomo about converting empty offices into buildings.

        This process is also being adopted in Canada

    “Double our existing Budget 2021 commitment to $600 million to support the conversion of empty office and retail space into market-based housing. We’ll convert space in the federal portfolio, and commercial buildings”, tells the liberal government as future plans.

  •     The future of housing is really promising