COP26 Impact on Global Warming

COP26 Impact on Global Warming

James Thibeault, Journalist


The COP26 is worrying a lot of people, for its inefficiency and the fact that some countries aren’t even present. 


The COP26, a meeting for world leaders to talk about global warming and solutions to solve it, started Sunday the 31 October and is gonna end this Friday. Approximately 200 countries were present for this meeting. Located in Glasgow, Scotland, they talked about different subjects related to global warming like the goal setting and the countries that aren’t willing to help those 2 weeks. Some of their main goals are to keep the temperature from going up more than 1.5C in this century which was set in Paris in 2015

Sadly, things aren’t going very well. The goal set in Paris isn’t going as well as they hoped. The current way the temperature is rising would make that it will have risen by 2,7C by the end of the century. That is way more than the goal of 1,5C. “We are digging our own graves,” Guterres said.

What also worries some people is that some countries aren’t at the COP26. The leader of China, Xi Jinping is not present. China is one of the most polluting countries but even though he isn’t there, he told to leaders of developed countries to support the poorer ones. “The Chinese president also urged developed countries to not only do more but also support developing nations to do better on climate change,” said the public agency of China, Xinhua.

China isn’t the only country to not be present. Turkey, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa all aren’t present. Brazil is one of the most important deforestation countries. Brazil is not taking care of its forest and the Amazonie and is destroying it and polluting it.

India has been actively opposed to the COP26 decisions, even though they were present at the event. They set their goal to stop using greenhouse gases by 2070, which is very disappointing since the USA set its goal to 2050.