3 Winter Trends You Need in Your Closet


Victoria Gilbert


Cold weather  is coming up which means new fashion trends for all the fellow fashion lovers. So here’s a top 3 of all the patterns, colors that will for sure be trendy.


1-Geometry shapes/patterns

We’ve seen a lot of trends from the late nineteen hundreds make a big comeback in the newer generations and it is now time for geometric patterns. These patterns were often seen on dresses,  shirts and flared pants in the 70’s and mostly on shirts in the 80’s and on sweaters in the 90’s. Marie, a secondary 3 student said, “ I am very excited about this trend because all of my favorite tops have these types of patterns on them so I will be trendy this winter!”


2- Knitted sweaters

These sweaters are often extremely expensive, they can vary from 60$ to sometimes 300$. That’s why if you find one at a thrift store you are insanely lucky. Whatever color you want to wear these in you’ll be trendy no matter what. They can have any patterns on them, as long as they’re knitted. “ I think it’s a really good trend  because it keeps you warm and it’s cute,” said a secondary 3 student.


3- The color indigo

The color indigo is a mix of black and blue. It is a nice dark blue color and looks good on everyone whether it’s on bottoms, jeans, jackets, tops or even shoes! “ I don’t personally have it in my closet but I wish I did. It’s one of my favorite colors!” said Laetitia, a young student.