Youtuber Life 2: Should You Buy it?


Samuel Larose

    Youtubers Life 2 is the sequel of the video game Youtuber Life OMG where you play as a YouTuber in Newtube City and post videos to become the greatest YouTuber of all.

The game was released on October 19th by U-Play for 40$. The hype of the game was pretty high  

  The reviews about the game on Steam are mixed with most of the bad reviews talking about how the game is boring, buggy and unfinished. However, the good reviews talk about the game being an open world, having real Youtubers in the game and that the quests are challenging.

    “This game feels like an Alpha game and feels unfinished,” said DDevilP.

    In this game, there are 2 main ways to make money. One is to deliver packages and complete tasks for nonplayer characters(NPC). The other one is to make videos and Livestreams.

    The problems with the quests are that, except for the shops and the subway, you don’t see anything on the map. When you need to go to a place you need to search the whole map for it if you don’t know where it is.


    “It’s an okay game, I am in between the upvote and downvote. It has some bugs here and there, sometimes it crashes but the sad part is that it is not like the first game,” said iRaphahell.


    In retrospect, you would probably like the game if you are into management games, but it feels repetitive at some point. People recommend that you watch videos of the game to have a general idea of the gameplay before you buy it.