The Cadet Volleyball Teams suffers from injuries


Noémie Houde, Photographe

2021 is a rough season for our volleyball team since injuries have affected a number of important players.

This year it is a bit different because their two teams of cadets and in each team there are some injured players and it affects the gameplay.

Usually, in a team, there are 12 players but this year we have two teams of ten players. In the secondary four teams, three people are injured in the same teams. The first one is  Noémie Houde is injured at the foot. She is the only setter on the team and she is very sad she can’t play until January 29. The second one is Jade Terry she is injured at the knee. She is a spiker and the replacement setter so because Noémie is injured Jade plays at the setter position. The third girl is Lidia Parenteau and she is wounded at the foot too. She is our captain and she is a spiker too. Jade and Lidia are gonna play in the game on December 11. In the secondary three teams, there is one girl that can not play because she just had back surgery and her name is Lindsay Leblond.

The first tournament went great but the second one wasn’t so good. So we had only 6 players and it was really hard on the team because they couldn’t go one the bench because there weren’t enough players because the week before Noémie got injured and during the tournament, Jade injured herself and one of the players was not there because she was sick and one add somethings so she did not come to the tournament.