When are we Going to Stop Killing Women?


Halali Mehyra Lyrane Kouadio, Editor

Women in the province of Quebec are not safe even in their relationship, especially after a break-up.

In the year 2021, so many women lost their lives at the hands of their partners. The causes of their regretful death are often about their partner’s anger management. While actions have already been taken to suppress domestic violence, the pandemic is said to have aggravated the situation. Some people are taking judicial actions to get women more and better help. “Talk is cheap, but action is loud,” Melpa Kamateros, the executive director of Shield of Athena Family Services said to CBC News. In total they were 17 women murdered by their partners in 2021, leaving more than 35 kids orphans. The numbers of femicide are on the rise because of the Covid-19.

Before the pandemic, one in three women in the world was subjects to physical or sexual violence, the Un Women websites reported.

The pandemic has made the numbers go up as high as 32 women in Ontario and 26 in Quebec. Between 1997 and 2015 605 women departed abruptly. At the beginning of the year, the death of Marylène Levesque is one that troubled the sex workers’ business. The resemblance with the death of the unidentified woman at the start of November by one of her clients is making people lose their minds on whether on not the sex workers are safe doing their profession.

To help the victims cope with their aggressor liberty after being jailed, the Quebec government is implanting a security bracelet. It is said to have a link with the aggressor ones so when the two of them seem to be too close, it will immediately call the police and have them take apart the person. The effectiveness of the bracelet has not been proved, but it is a first step for the survivors to be able to have a normal life.