”The Simpsons” Censored in Hong Kong




One of the episodes from ‘‘The Simpsons’’showing the Tian An Men square got taken off from Hong Kong’s Disney + channels.

People noticed that the episode was missing, creating confusion in the country. Named Goo Goo Gai Pan, this episode was deleted. One reason for this banned episode was because it ridiculed the Chinese censorship the society is still living with on an everyday basis.

Disney+ took off the episodes from its platform. People think it was a government demand and others think they did this on their own. Episodes 11 and 13 are on the streaming platform, but the 12th is clearly missing.

Indeed, episode 12 of the 16th season of ‘‘The Simpsons’’shows Homer and his family going to Hong Kong to adopt a baby from there. As they are running away to Tian An Men square, the camera shows a plaque with ‘‘On this site, in 1989, nothing happened’’ written on it.  In fact, something terrible happened.

In this well-known year, armed troops and military tanks attacked protestants that were fighting against communism.  Thousands of people died from gunshots and tank bombings. Other millions of people were severely wounded. However, the protest was simply a peace walk built with ideas of democracy. The protest was nothing else than walking in groups while sharing their feelings and thoughts about the government.

The most known video of a protestant is shown on Youtube, where we see a man with nothing else than normal clothes standing in front of several huge tanks that were trying to pass. The man got arrested by police officers dressed as protestants and no one ever saw him again. This video shook many people.

Censorship in China is still very common. For example, most social media platforms, such as Youtube and Facebook, including news pictures and videos are censored. These can also literally be blocked on each and every electronic device. Maybe they thought about censoring this episode of The Simpsons too?