Thousands of Migrants Trapped in Belarus


Angounou Nkouombe Murielle Celia, Editor

     Several thousand migrants are blocked in inhuman conditions on the Kuznica-Bruzgi border crossing between Poland and Belarus. 

    Many migrants who came mostly from the middle east(Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria,Russia…) are blocked by the Poland army and cannot reach Europe. 

   They are forced in deplorable camps where there is mostly no water or proper food to eat. Furthermore, Winter is coming and if the situation does not change many will die.

    Migrants have been trying to enter Poland Illegally. This caused the death of many, some got lost in the forest trying to evade border patrols. Others die due to harsh climatic conditions. Many families with babies are suffering not knowing what to do in those conditions.

  It all started as migrants left the middle East to go to Europe. It is said that they are running away from their countries that are either at war or have very poor living conditions.

    Poland is the most affected by this situation because it refuses to let the migrants travel through their territory.

    According to the EU commission the problem was caused earlier this year by Alexander Lukanshenko who is the president of Belarus.

    Belarus which is at the eastern part of Europe is a gate for migrants to come to Europe.

    According to BBC NEWS, the president of Belarus gave a false promise of easy entry to Europe. Attracting several thousand immigrants.

    Lukanshenko’s administration simplified the visa process for immigrants from Iraq so that they could enter as “tourists” says a Lithuanian official to BBC NEWS

    But when the migrants arrive in Belarus the authorities pushed them to the Border. However, Poland will not let them in. Migrants are now boxed in with no way to escape. “Upon arrival they are being pushed to the border…” says the EU spokesperson Peter Stano. The cold season is also making the situation far worse since migrants are ill-equipped to deal with the elements.

It is “possible” that our country helped the migrants into the EU, says president Lukanshenko to BBC NEWS, but he says that he never invited them to Belarus.