The New Variant Omicron


Léanne Croussette

    A new variant of COVID-19 is currently spreading all over the world. He is supposedly worse than the delta variant. 


    This type of variant comes from South Africa. His specific name is SARS-CoV-2. But it is also named Omicron. The omicron variant has started to be felt in the country, two cases have been reported in Ontario so far.


    According to preliminary research, The variant seems to be more transmissible than the delta one. The Omicron is also transmissible if you’re vaccinated or you don’t have symptoms. 


    Even if you’re vaccinated, you can be infected by that type of variant. The vaccine is also necessary for that type so he can avoid severe disease and death. Delta and Omicron are very similar but the symptoms are really different. The people that are fully vaccinated are less likely to have it or pass it to others. 


    The symptoms of the Delta and Covid are similar, it’s more likely to get a bad headache and that your throat hurts. But when you get the Omicron, your throat doesn’t hurt, it’s itching, you’re also more tired, you can have stiffness and headaches. As the Delta and the Covid-19, you can also have no symptoms. 


   The variant was first reported in South Africa at the end of November, more precisely in the city of Botswana. 


   A lot of borders are shutting down right now, all around the world. When the variant started to be felt in Africa, Angola shut down their border with the country. Then, a lot of others followed. Among them are Qatar, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Netherlands and more. As you can see, Canada isn’t there, the borders are not immediately shutting down. The travellers that want to come to Canada need to do a quarantine of 14 days before and after the trip.