Aggressive arrestation on black teenagers

Aggressive arrestation on black teenagers

Maxym Dorval, Photographer, journalist

On the November 26th,  brutal police officers aggressively arrested many black minors…

Many videos of the horrible event went viral during the weekend and provoked reactions from the community and the premier, François Legault.


He then posted a tweet telling he had seen the disturbing videos. ‘’We need to shed light on the event,’’ Legault said . The police confirmed that there was an investigation going on after they saw the videos of the officers hitting and pinning down the black minors in the snow.

In one of the videos, we can see an officer putting dirty snow in the teen’s face with his foot. According to the Chief of the police, Denis Turcotte, the reason there was an arrest was because there was a fight outside a bar.

‘’ I do not tolerate discrimination, but it’s too early to say whether or not the officers involved in the arrest face sanctions,’’ Turcotte said.


The teenager that got arrested posted a video on Instagram saying he was thankful for everyone sharing the video because it helped him to stand up for his right.