Kanye West wants Kim Kardashian back?


Kathleen Fournier

The now forty-one years old reality star filed a divorce with Kanye West back in February.


In Kim’s final episode of ‘’Keeping Up With The Kardashians’’, she told the public how unhappy she was in her marriage. ‘’I just want happiness’’ she said.


The popular singer, in an interview on the podcast “Drink Champs’’ referring to Kim as his wife, said, ‘’I ain’t never seen the papers, we’re not even divorced’’. He also added, ‘’My kids want their parents to stay together… Us to be together.’’

During the performance of one of his songs called ‘’Runaway’’, (he dedicated to her.) West has made an appeal to his ex-wife and added a new verse to the track. ‘’I need you to run right back to me, more specifically, you Kimberly’’, rapped the artist as he was performing on stage with his fellow star, Drake. His gesture while his performance caused a huge reaction from the crowd. 


This month, Kim has requested to be ‘’legally single again’’ and filed new documents to make this happen. In her latest document, she has also asked to have child custody and property matters to be separate from her marital status.

West also ‘’doesn’t give up without trying to fight for her love again’’, even though Kardashian is rumored to be currently dating the comedian Pete Davidson. The source said, ‘’(since filing for a divorce), this is her first time seeing someone, so she’s taking it extra slow.’’

But the question many fans have been asking West and Kim, 

‘’Are they going to get back together? Or is she going to start a new life with Pete and move on?’’