2021 Was a Devastating Year For The Climate

James Thibeault, Journalist

The European Union scientists declared that 2021, on record, was the fifth hottest year.


This augmentation of temperature is due of the presence of Methane and carbon dioxide in the air. The average temperature right now is approximately 1 Celsius degree higher than 100 years ago. Some of the other hottest years were 2016 and 2020. 7 years ago, Paris Agreement set a goal to limit the global warming to 1.5C until 2030 but we are already at 1.1C

 Global warming comes with consequences. For example, natural disasters have been more common over the last few years. There is also more floods in Europe and more wildfires in country like the United States. In British Colombia, over 600 people died of heat this year. In July, in Europe, 200 people died of extreme rain and floods. “These events are a stark reminder of the need to change our ways, take decisive and effective steps toward a sustainable society and work toward reducing net carbon emissions,” said the CS3 director, Carlo Buontempo. Lytton, a town in British Colombia, was destroyed in december because of wildfires.