Motorists navigate a city street in white out conditions.

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Motorists navigate a city street in white out conditions.

Joannie Caron

Breaking temperature, how to help?

In the past years, the temperature has increased in winter and in summer too. If we look on the site of Metromedia, we can see that the temperatures are not the same as in 2011. Back then, in December, the temperatures were hotter. It breaks records every year. Even in summer the temperatures are getting hotter and hotter every year. 


Metromedia did a video about previsions in 30 years here is the link of the video:  


In the next 10 years, the planet should expect breaking temperature, ice melting and seas are also going to rise because warm water takes more volume. All this is mostly caused by pollution but also deforestation and greenhouse gases released from fossil fuels and industry. Scientist are saying that 97 percent of the global warming and climate change are caused by humans. 


We shouldn’t be worried with climate change yet. But , the arctic, Africa and Australia are regions that are the most likely to be affected by the future climate change. In fact, in a couple of years Quebec could be affected too. So, here are things experts recommend we should do to help: save energy at home, try to reduce heating and climatisation, getting around on foot, by bike or by public transport. Also try to eat more plant-based foods.