Party in a Sunwing Plane

Coralie Champagne

On the 30th December, a group of influenceur had a party in a plane.


180 influencers have gone to Tulum, Mexico for the New Year, but the flight doesn’t go as planned.


Some of them faked their tests before leaving to be negative. The influencers had taken a flight with Sunwing but the rules for the flight were not respected at all. The young people party on the plane. They had no mask, they were standing in the rangers dancing, drinking and vaping. So much so that the flight attendants had to hide from them. 


The influencers were also very disrespectful on their trip. Several had sex in the hotel swimming pools, they took drugs on the edge of the pool and some stole.


When returning, the influencers had great difficulty finding a flight because Sunwing, Air Canada and Air Transat refused to board these influencers. 


Influencers were eventually able to return. Some of them have lost their jobs and could face fines of up to $100,00.